Watch this space for updates and news about whats going on in the building.

Moving In 

Welcome to The Statesman! This is a great place to live. The Loading Bay is located on the Ground Floor at the corner of Parliament Street and Eden Crescent. Most furniture trucks will be able to park in this area while you are unloading furniture. All large items and furniture must come in via the Loading Bay, not via the Lobby. Please speak with our Building Managers prior to moving in and they will assist you with any queries.


Mailboxes are located on the Ground Floor

Rubbish Room

The Rubbish Room is located on the Ground Floor. Please separate recycling from rubbish and place in the appropriate bins. All rubbish should be within rubbish bags. Items that can be recycled by other residents may be left on the tables inside the doors.

Gym and Pools

The Gym, Spa Pool and Lap Pool are located on the Ground Floor. The pools are open from 7am - 10pm. The gym is open from 6am - 10pm. The Lap Pool is only heated in the summer months. Please replace the covers after use.

Building Managers Office

The Building Managers office is located on Level 1 (apartment 102), to your left as you enter the building. Hours are 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday. The office is not open on Saturday or Sunday. The Building Managers are available for emergencies outside of office hours. A call out charge of $75 applies. Phone Kevin 021 864 987.

Storage Lockers

Storage Lockers are located on the Ground Floor next to the Mailboxes, as well as on the three parking levels. If you require a storage locker these can sometimes be rented. Please check the residents notice boards or visit the Building Managers Office for information.


Please only park in your allocated park. There are no visitors car parks or loading spaces. Carparks are often available for rent. If you require a carpark please check the residents notice boards or visit the Building Managers Office for information.

Bicycle Storage

Bike Storage racks (on the wall) are available on parking level B1. Locked bike storage cages are also available on parking levels B2 & B3. See the Building Manager to access these.

Motorbike Parking

Parking for Motorbikes is strictly within the marked yellow spaces on parking levels B2 & B3. Please be mindful that if you don't park within these areas cars backing out of their adjacent spaces may hit your bike.


The Statesman is a smoke free environment. This includes all communal areas, the basement, the loading bay and apartment balconies. 

Cooking Fumes

Please be mindful of your neighbours when you are cooking (especially during Summer months when doors and windows are open). Whilst you might enjoy the smell your neighbours may not. Avoid cooking especially strong smelling foods. Please use your kitchen fan.  


We do not allow washing to be hung or dried on balconies. This is to keep the building looking smart and tidy from the street. Please dry washing inside your apartment on drying frames or use the drying function on your washing machine.


We live closely together so please be considerate of your neighbours. Noise restrictions are in place after 10pm on weekdays and after 11pm on weekends. Talking on balconies late at night will disturb your neighbours. The Building Managers can be contacted about noise complaints.

CCTV Cameras

Monitored CCTV Cameras operate throughout the building to provide a safe and secure environment for residents. Please report any suspicious activity you observe to the Building Managers.

Book Exchange

A book exchange is located in the hallway leading to the Gym, opposite the Rubbish Room doors. Please donate books that others in the building can read and enjoy.

Body Corporate Rules

You can find a copy of the Body Corporates Operational Rules here